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1940s Wartime Cotton Pique Gloves Sewing Pattern
1940s Wartime Cotton Pique Gloves Sewing Pattern

1940s Wartime Cotton Pique Gloves Sewing Pattern




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How to make gloves- sewing

This is a diagram sewing pattern with instructions to make these very pretty and feminine cotton pique gloves. A diagram pattern means that you do not get the actual paper pieces (as its a download we guess you already knew this!) but we provide a simple diagram which is in squares to help you draw out the pattern at home.

They are actually quite easy to make once you get started and will look so lovely, especially with the pretty turnover

This is a great pattern for 1940s re-enacters as ladies were rarely seen out in those days without gloves, but they are also so pretty for today to make an outfit look very classic, and to keep the chill off hands

Besides making them in classic whites or creams you could also make them in colours to match your dresses or outfits.

We think these would also look very pretty in fine vintage floral printed fabrics too- and also modern printed cottons.

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